About Us

Company Background

Sesko (Trinidad) Limited was established in 1996 by Managing Director, Mr. Christopher Lee Chong. Born of a desire to revolutionize the Customs Brokerage and Freight Logistics Industry in Trinidad and Tobago, Sesko is founded upon guiding principles of integrity, efficiency and exceptional customer services.  Since our inception, Sesko has taken strides, becoming recognized as a market leader by offering premium quality coupled with competitive pricing.  Presently, ninety percent of our business is Oil and Gas related- logically, our head office is located in the energy capital of Trinidad and Tobago: San Fernando. Our branch office is located in the business capital of Port-of-Spain

Our Strengths

Professional Customer Service
- Strong focus on the time sensitivity of freight distribution.
- Continuous emphasis on customer satisfaction
- Personalized services inclusive of consultation support and customized solutions.
- Commitment to integrity and efficiency.
Financial stability
Well-trained, dependable staff
- Excellent IT development and support
- Excellent sales and marketing network

The Trading Environment and Our Commitment

Trinidad and Tobago has  strong economy, fuelled by the Oil and Gas Sector and is the hub for development in the region. As the business and Industrial sectors expands, the need for logistics and Marine services must grow in tandem.  Years of providing logistics services within the energy sector, has given us an appreciation of the implications of downtime in the industry. It is imperative that Imports are delivered to site in a timely and efficient, yet cost-effective manner. It is Sesko's ambition to transfer this business acumen to other sectors of Trinidad and Tobago's economy.  We are committed to the development of our clients from introduction into the market to ensure they benefit from increased opportunities and that they maintain a first-rate service to their customers and suppliers. 

Future Development

As our business environment changes as well as our client's activity, Sesko endeavours to continue it's mandate of unparalleled service and value.  Investments in assets which foster growth and our overall capability are ongoing. Expansion of our Head office is underway to facilitate special projects and enhanced immigration services.  The recent Port-of-Spain branch office relocation has placed Sesko closer to the Port and the financial district, allowing us to operate in an even timelier manner.